West View Park

West View Park arrived shortly after founding of the borough. It opened on May 23, 1906 by the T.M. Harton Company. Before the park, the area was just empty swampland. At the time there was a lake nearby called Belmere Lake, which was eventually used for the park's paddle and swan boat rides.

Initial reactions to the park were negative. Many residents took issue with the fact that it was open on Sundays and drew crowds of people to the quiet suburb. West View’s young council spent many hours of discussion on the park. Some residents wanted to try to close the park altogether. A delegation met with Mr. McCann, the park manager, to the park could reduce some of the Sunday operations. The park management agreed that the two most popular rides, the roller coaster and the flying horse, would operate on alternate Sundays only, instead of both running at the same time. In addition, the Katzenjammer Building, shooting gallery, paddles and balls, and the dance hall would stay closed on Sundays.