the place where he could implement his "new century" vision of suburban life.


Martsolf was enamored by the West View area. He built 50 houses in the area and gathered support from residents and the Allegheny-Bellevue Land Company. His vision for the community included modern transportation, police and fire protection, water and sewer systems, and paved streets. By the end of 1904, the Land Company had bought over 700 acres of land, which covered one square mile, to develop. On March 20, 1905, West View Borough was incorporated, with Martsolf being elected as the president of the first seven-member Borough council. Martsolf built a house for his family at 212 Martsolf Avenue and was influential in the organization of the First Presbyterian Church of West View. Unfortunately, Martsolf would not get to see the great community West View would become. He died suddenly on December 4, 1907. His death left a large gap in the Borough leadership. The street where he built his home was later renamed Martsolf Avenue in his honor. He is now known as the "Father of West View."

Frederick Christian Martsolf was born in Butler, Pennsylvania on May 14, 1848. He served two years in the Civil War before moving west, where he spent the next 24 years in Arizona working as a successful building contractor. He eventually returned to Pittsburgh and joined a contracting firm with two of his brothers and his three oldest sons. Between 1897 and 1904, he bought and developed more than 50 properties in McKees Rocks, Stowe, Chartiers, Bellevue, and Ross, often working with the Alleghney-Bellevue Land Company. Soon, Martsolf found

Frederick Christian Martsolf (1848-1907)

This resolution was passed on December 4th, 1907 in honor of Frederick Martsolf. It reads:

"Whereas it has pleased an all-wise and divine Providence to call from our midst our beloved friend and associate Frederick C. Martsolf, who by his strength and rectitude of character, his unfailing generosity, and kindly Christian spirit has forever endeared himself to our minds and hearts and


Whereas by his efficient and untiring efforts in behalf of the Borough of West View and President of this Council, he has placed its people under a lasting debt of gratitude, therefore be it Resolved that we his associates in Council for ourselves

and in behalf of the people of the Borough of West View, take this time expressing our deep sense of grief because of the death of our beloved President and extend our heartfelt sympathy to his bereaved family and be it further


Resolved that a copy of this resolution be transmitted to the sorrowing family, that it be spread on the minutes and published in the official journal."