Casper Reel was born in Frankfurt, Germany on May 11, 1742. He and his family immigrated to America and originally settled near Baltimore, where his mother and two of his siblings were killed in a Native American attack. By 1774, he had moved to Fort Pitt where he eventually enlisted in the Continental Army, serving under George Washington and fighting at the Battle of Brandywine. In 1791, Reel obtained a 727-acre farm in Pine Township for his service in the army. He built a cabin in 1792 but was constantly under attack by Native Americans. He left his cabin for a few years but returned in 1795 permanently. He went on to own over 800 acres of land and was one of the wealthiest men in the area. He died on October 10, 1824 and is buried in the Reel family cemetery, which is now located off of Oakmont Drive under a large tree. Reel is considered the first settler of West View/Ross.

Casper Reel (1742-1824)

Reel's first log cabin still stands at 148 Georgetown Avenue.

Reel's log cabin at 148 Georgetown Avenue, as it looks today

a depiction of what Casper Reel may have looked like